Three Daughters of Eve – Elif Shafak

This novel nicely balances themes of family, religion, culture and a sense of identity. The story follows Peri, a Turkish woman, who grew up in a divided family home in Istanbul. The story is woven together piece by piece, flicking between the past and the present, to create an entire picture.

The first part of the book I was fully appreciating intricate descriptions of culture, family relationships and the environment of Istanbul.

God was a maze without a map, a circle without a centre; the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that never seemed to fit together.

Then when Peri moved away to university and the story became increasing focussed around Peri’s infatuation with a particular person, I became disappointed and vaguely irritated. Even though Peri ultimately shows agency in the situation, during these passages her character felt frustratingly passive. Perhaps this was reader bias based on topic, but I did find during the second half of the book I wasn’t enjoying myself as much.

New word: None

Keeping? Not Keeping

Genre: Adult fiction

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